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Slide Decks - Create slide decks personalized to MD preferences 10x faster.

Onnix learns from old presentations to put together slide decks through simple prompting. We output data and shell out slides quickly so you can focus on the observations and story.

  • Iterating decks takes a fraction of the time. Directly see analysis outputs and re-configure decks. Onnix can handle comments and formatting.
  • For Senior Teams. Ask for a shell and iterate directly with Onnix.
  • For Junior Teams. Build out slides directly with Onnix and spend more time thinking about insights.

Excel Analysis - Run data analyses and generate outputs through prompting.

Upload files or build out excel sheets fully integrated with FactSet, CapIQ, or your preferred data provider by simply prompting Onnix.

  • Onnix leverages powerful AI and data science languages to bring a no-code platform for banking teams to generate deeper, high quality insights from data that may not have been possible with just Excel.
  • For Senior Teams. Need to run quick data calculations? Ask Onnix.
  • For Junior Teams. Niche client asks? Bespoke analysis? Ask Onnix.

Data Source Querying - Get answers from your data providers instantly.

Ask Onnix any question from FactSet, CapIQ, or your preferred data provider, and we’ll get you answers with traceable sources.

  • Onnix links to your data sources and is aware of all content available. Choose how to output and send responses directly via email or messaging applications.
  • For Senior Teams. Live client call and need info fast? Ask Onnix.
  • For Junior Teams. Need to look into one-offs or find information? Ask Onnix.

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