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by Mrinal Singh, CEO

Bankers are valued for the advice they provide. Sound advice is predicated on human ingenuity, market expertise, and rigorous analysis. Bankers hire the best and brightest because the accumulation of intellectual capital ought to translate into better, more differentiated advice.

And yet, today, most bankers spend the vast majority of their day fixing slides and running analyses that can be done in a fraction of the time using modern tools. Rather than spending more time considering alternative analyses to uncover unique insights or focusing on the narrative, nearly all of us have found ourselves stuck with manual work processes that must be finalized for a client ask.

Iteration can be cumbersome and there are several inefficiencies in waiting on individuals to review and for junior team members to make corresponding changes. We re-cut decks multiple times and it’s often because decision makers are operating with incomplete information or the story has not been given proper time to be fleshed out yet.

Onnix seeks to grant bankers freedom from rote, thoughtless processes so that they can spend more time leveraging their intellect to come up with creative and robust insights for clients.

Historically, new technology has been met with both fascination and trepidation. Today, that technology is artificial intelligence. In the same way that PowerPoint and Excel rendered the age of modeling through clunky computers and pen and parchment obsolete, AI presents a generational opportunity.

In the last few decades, there has been a growing gap between the abilities of teams trained in data science and code along with those that have not in generating deep insights. That gap no longer needs to exist in banking. The promise of LLMs such as GPT have allowed for a bridge to be built in which everyone can leverage the power of modern data analysis tools to derive advanced insights quickly.

It is reasonable to be cautious about AI. In the banking industry, however, the competitive edge will always remain human. We see generative AI as an aid, not a replacement. At its core, sound and trusted advice has and always will be the result of thought, instinct, and intellect of a banker. Onnix speeds up and pushes the process needed to get to good, trusted advice, knowing that ultimately it is the human in the loop that is and will continue to be the difference maker.

Pursuing excellence in the work we do and the advice we give is in our DNA, as it is in every good banker’s. We seek to propel teams into the future and empower bankers so they can better spend their time taking their work to the next level.

Let’s take banking forward. Ad excellentium.

The Onnix Team

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