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by Mrinal Singh, CEO


Onnix is an AI Co-Pilot for bankers. We bring AI and modern data science tools to banking teams in a no-code platform. Our platform enables quicker iterations, deeper analysis, and improved accuracy.

Onnix’s no-code platform turbo charges bankers and accelerates core work-flows. We connect with a team’s data sources to provide a solution that leverages LLM prompts to get answers, conduct or review data analysis, and output info to slide decks in a team’s custom format.

The Team

Mrinal Singh (CEO, ex-Lazard) previously worked at Lazard and knows first-hand what tools banking teams needed.

Milan Bhandari (CTO, ex-Palantir) previously worked as an AI/ML engineer and knows how to build AI/ML tools.

Jake Johnson (CPO, ex-Microsoft) previously worked as a Product Manager and knows how to bridge the gap between customer and technical needs.

Mrinal and Milan grew up together; fast forward a few years and while Milan studied at Harvard, Mrinal headed to Dartmouth where he roomed with Jake.

The Problem

Bankers are largely non-technical but deal with large data sets and have to conduct extensive analyses quickly and accurately every day. Bottlenecks occur at all stages. Analysts need to run analyses in Excel and present them in customized PowerPoint outputs. Associates and VPs need to review the work product and iterate the deck with the analyst. MDs must then review and approve of the narrative and analysis; if there are comments, the feedback loop takes longer. There are two main limitations as the equation stands now: extremely tight deadlines and inherent limitations of existing tools.

The Solution

We speed up the banking workflow significantly by connecting with teams’ data sources and providing a no-code LLM solution. Bankers can prompt analyses and decks through a few keystrokes and have accurate, auditable outputs almost instantly.

Our current offerings include:

  • Data Querying: MDs and team members can quickly query and search for information traced to their data sources instantly. Finding answers is now and just a few key strokes away.
  • Excel Analysis: We bring prompt generated excel analysis that leverages AI and data analysis tools on the back-end to produce insights from dataroom file uploads or even data sources like FactSet and CapIQ.
  • PowerPoint Outputs: We also output data to decks or create decks from scratch through prompting. Onnix indexes prior projects and content slides so that pulling in content and standard pages and running new analyses are both straightforward and quick.

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