About us - We turbo-charge banking teams

In the same way PowerPoint and Excel were productivity 10x’ers to those working with pen and paper, we seek to 10x productivity by bringing AI and modern data science in a no-code platform for anyone to use.

We provide auditable outputs

Outputs are sourced directly from your uploads and data sources (datarooms, Factset / CapIQ) to make reviewing work simple. Our AI model-auditor helps de-bug models, catches errors as they occur, and suggests improvements to improve accuracy. We provide teams with insights in a clean, simple way.

We reduce bottlenecks and speed up iteration

Iterate decks directly with Onnix. An MD, Director or VP can now quickly see various data analyses and shelled out pages to determine which direction they want to take. Changing the direction of a deck happens at a fraction of the time. Directly provide comments to Onnix or send materials to the junior team and they can take it to the finish line.

We eliminate the need for knowing how to code in order to run deep analysis

Onnix uses artificial intelligence and modern data analytics tools in the background to allow you to pull-in, manipulate, and play with data sets in ways that previously would have required advanced programming knowledge. Now, any team member can simply prompt Onnix to run a desired analysis.

Let’s bring banking forward together.

The Onnix Team

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Our team of experienced designers and developers has just one thing on their mind; working on your ideas to draw a smile on the face of your users worldwide. From conducting Brand Sprints to UX Design.

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